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Question number: 199

» Basic CS » Data Structures

Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

What are tuples?


  • Tuple is a fixed-size collection that can have elements of either same or different data types.

  • Similar to arrays, a user must specify the size of a tuple at the time of declaration.

  • Tuples are allowed to hold 1 to 8 elements and if there are more than 8 elements, then the 8th element can be defined as another tuple.

  • Tuples can be specified as parameter or return type of a method.

Question number: 200

» Languages » Assembly Language

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Describe in Detail

What is difference between Namespace and Assembly?


  • Namespace: -

    • Namespaces is logical group of related classes used by any other language targeting the Microsoft. Net framework.

    • Used for logical organization of classes.

    • Namespaces provide grouping type names, reducing the chance of name collisions.

  • Assembly:

    • An assembly is a collection of types and resources built to work together and form a logical unit of functionality.

    • It is contained in output unit, that is. exe or. dll file.

    • It is a unit of deployment and a unit of versioning and also contain MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language).

    • Assemblies are self-describing containing all metadata about the modules, types, and other elements in the form of a manifest.

    • Assemblies are of two types: Private and Shared Assemblies.

Question number: 201

» Languages » C & C Plus Plus

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Describe in Detail

What are reserved words?


  • Reserved words are that are part of the standard C language library.

  • Reserved words have special meaning and cannot be used for purposes other than what they are originally intended.

  • Examples of reserved words are int, void, and return.

Define the c keyword or reserved word

Define the C Keyword or Reserved Word

Given the image is define the c keyword or reserved word