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What are the two types of transmission technology available?


Broadcast Network

  • Broadcast networks have a single communication channel shared or used by all the machines on the network.

  • Short messages called packets sent by any machine are received by all the others.

  • Use a special code in the address field for addressing a packet to all the concerned computers.

  • Some broadcast systems support transmission to a subset of the machines known as multicasting.

  • On receiving a packet, machine checks if the packet is addressed to it then the packet is processed, otherwise it is ignored.

Point-to-Point Network

  • Point to point networks consists of many connections between individual pairs of machines. To go from the source to the destination a packet goes through intermediate computers before reaching the desired computer.

  • Since packets follow multiple routes, of different lengths, routing algorithms are very important in the point-to-point networks.

An important general rule is that localized networks (e. g. LAN) tend to use the broadcasting; whereas networks over wide geographical areas (such as WAN, Internet) use point-to-point transmission.

Transmission technology

Transmission Technology

Given the image is defining the two types of transmission technology are point to point network and broadcast network