Basic CS [TCS Placement]: Sample Questions 47 - 47 of 196

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Question 47

Basic CS

Describe in Detail


What is source route?


  • Sequence of IP addresses identifying the route is a source route. It is optionally included in an IP datagram header. Also called path addressing.
  • Allows sender to partially or completely specify the route.
    • Assumes that source knows the layout of the network to specify the best path.
    • Can produce some security problems
    • In source routing sender makes some or all of the routing decisions.
      • When sender determines the exact network route it is called strict source routing. Strict source routing is rarely used.
      • On the other hand common form of source routing is loose source record route (LSRR) where sender only provides one or more hops that the packet must go through but not all the hops.
  • On the other hand, non-source routing or network routing protocols determine the path based on the packet՚s destination.
    • Network routing is used on the internet rather than source routing.
    • In network routing, knowledge about layout is in routing devices.
    • Network routing packet contains only destination address and each router on path determines the best next place to forward the packet.
Given the Image is Define the Source Routing

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