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Question 151

Basic CS

Describe in Detail


What is EGP (Exterior Gateway Protocol) ?


  • Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP) exchanges routing information between two neighbor gateway hosts (each with its own router) in a network of autonomous systems.
  • Interior Gateway Protocols are used within a domain, EGP allows neighboring routers in different domains to share information.
  • Commonly used between hosts on the Internet to exchange routing table information.
  • Routing table contains a list of known routers, the addresses they can reach, and a cost metric associated with the path to each router to select best available route.
  • EGP is based on periodic message exchange polling for neighbor reachability and commands to request update responses. Each router polls its neighbor at intervals between seconds and neighbor responds by sending its complete routing table. EGP-2 is the latest version of EGP.
  • The EGP model is built with finite event, action and transition automation.
  • EGP mechanisms are:
    • Acquire neighbors
    • Monitor neighbors
    • Exchange data as update messages
  • Recent exterior gateway protocol, the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) , provides additional capabilities. EGP is documented in RFC , which was published in April of 1984. Prior to the introduction of BGP, Internet hosts used EGP for data table routing exchanges.
Exterior Gateway Protocol

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