Basic CS-Networks [TCS Placement]: Sample Questions 46 - 46 of 133

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Question 46


Describe in Detail


What is autonomous system?


  • An autonomous system (AS) is a network or a collection of networks managed and supervised by a single organization.
  • It is a heterogeneous network governed by large enterprise with many subnetworks having combined routing logic and policies.
  • Each subnetwork has unique 16 digit identification number (AS number or ASN) by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) .
  • Introduced to regulate organizations such as Internet service providers (ISP) , educational institutions, and government bodies under a single entity for easy management.
  • Large enterprises have large network infrastructures with many smaller networks, dispersed geographically but connected using a similar operating environment.
  • Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the protocol that addresses the routing of packets among different autonomous systems to connect them.
  • BGP uses the ASN to uniquely identify each system. This is particularly important when routing and managing routing tables for external networks or autonomous systems around their borders.
  • Autonomous systems numbered one to are available by IANA/ARIN (IANA/American Registry for Internet Numbers) for global use.
  • The series is reserved for private and reserved purposes.
Given the Image is Define the Autonomous System

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