Basic CS-Networks [TCS Placement]: Sample Questions 48 - 48 of 133

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Question 48


Describe in Detail


What Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ) ?


  • Automatic repeat request (ARQ) protocol does error control in data transmission.
  • When receiver detects an error, it automatically requests the transmitter to resend the packet. Process is repeated until the packet is error free or the error continues beyond a predetermined number of transmissions.
  • ARQ is sometimes used with Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication to guarantee data integrity.
  • Error control in the data link layer is often implemented simply: Any time an error is detected in an exchange, specified frames are retransmitted. This process is called automatic repeat request (ARQ) .
  • Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ) , also called Automatic Repeat Query, is an error-control protocol that automatically initiates a call to retransmit any data packet or frame after receiving flawed or incorrect data.
  • When the transmitting device fails to receive an acknowledgement signal to confirm the data has been received, it usually retransmits the data after a predefined timeout and repeats the process a predetermined number of times until the transmitting device receives the acknowledgement.
  • ARQs are often used to assure reliable transmissions over an unreliable service.
Given the Image is Define the Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ)

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