Basic CS-Networks [TCS Placement]: Sample Questions 71 - 71 of 133

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Question 71


Describe in Detail


What are the possible ways of data exchange?



  • Data can be sent only in one direction i.e.. communication is unidirectional.
  • Cannot send a message back to the sender. Unidirectional communication in simplex systems sends a command/signal without expecting any response.
  • Examples are loudspeakers, television broadcasting, television remote, keyboard, monitor etc.
Given the Image is Define the Simplex


  • Data can be transmitted in both directions but not at the same time.
  • On a local area network using half-duplex transmission, one workstation can send data on the line and then immediately receive data on the same line but not do both at same time.
  • Half-duplex transmission thus requires a bidirectional line but data can be sent in only one direction at a time.
  • For example, a walkie- talkie in which message is sent one at a time but messages are sent in both the directions.
Give the Image is Define the Half-Duplex


  • Full duplex system can send data in both the directions at the same time.
  • Example is a Telephone Network in which there is communication between two persons by a telephone line at the same time.
  • In full duplex there can be two dedicated lines one for sending data and other for receiving it.
Give the Image is Define the Full-Duplex

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