Basic CS-Networks [TCS Placement]: Sample Questions 74 - 74 of 133

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Question 74


Describe in Detail


What is RIP (Routing information protocol) ?


  • Simple protocol to exchange information between the routers.
  • Defines a way for routers, which connect networks using the Internet Protocol (IP) , to share information about how to route traffic among networks.
  • RIP, according to Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is an Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) , for moving traffic within a larger autonomous system- enterprise՚s network with local area networks (LANs) linked through routers.
  • It is an Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) to distribute routing information within an Autonomous System (AS) .
  • Simple vector protocol with many implementations.
    • In vector protocol, routers exchange reachability information with only their nearest neighbors, communicating the sets of destinations they can reach, and the next hop to reach those destinations.
    • On the other hand, link-state IGPs exchange complete routes with one another- link state routers exchange topology information, and calculate their own complete routes locally.
Given the Image is Define the RIP (Routing Information Protocol)

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