Basic CS-Operating System [TCS Placement]: Sample Questions 35 - 35 of 35

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Question 35

Operating System

Write in Short

Short Answer▾

What are the reasons for process suspension?


Process suspension happens because of:

  1. Swapping

    The operating system needs to release sufficient main memory to bring in a process that is ready to execute.

  2. Interactive user request

    A user may wish to suspend execution of a program for purposes of debugging or in connection with the use of a resource.

  3. Timing
    • A process may be executed periodically and may be suspended while waiting for the next time interval.
    • Example: an accounting or system monitoring process.
  4. Parent process request

    A parent process may wish to suspend execution of a descendent to examine or modify the suspended process or to coordinate the activity of various descendents.

  5. Other OS reason

    The operating system may suspend a background or utility process or a process that is suspected of causing a problem.

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