Languages-Assembly Language [TCS Placement]: Sample Questions 1 - 1 of 9

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Question 1

Assembly Language

Describe in Detail


What is Assembly Manifest?


Assemblies maintain all their information in a special unit called the manifest. Followings are the contents of an Assembly Manifest:

  • Assembly name: Represents text string specifying the assembly՚s name.
  • Version number: Represents major and minor version number, as well as a revision and build number. The CLR makes use of these numbers to enforce version policy.
  • Culture: Represents information of the culture or language, which the assembly supports. An assembly is a container of only resources containing culture- or language-specific information.
  • Strong name information: Represents the public key from the publisher, if a strong name is assigned to an assembly.
  • List of all files in the assembly: Represents a hash of each file contained in the assembly and a file name.
  • Type reference information: Represents the information used at the runtime to map a type reference to the file that contains its declaration and implementation.
  • Information on referenced assemblies: Represents a list of other assemblies statically referenced by the assembly. Each reference includes the names of dependent assemblies, assembly metadata (version, culture, operating system, and so on) , and public key, if the assembly is strong named.

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